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I greet you in my dungeon in Paris, wearing leather, latex or PVC...
You are naked and vulnerable, you are there to serve, obey and suffer.
On the cross, you receive my floggers, crops, paddles, canes, whips ...
Your skin gradually warmed, the sensations become stronger till you reach subspace.
Or you can be severely punished, up to your limits.
You undergo my erotic tortures, clamps, weights, wax and many other evil devices.
Bound in my leather straps, tied in my ropes, you got no choice.
I play with your senses. Blindfolded, hooded you lose all sense of time.
Or I can give you a good spanking, sensual or more severe, on my knees if you deserve it.
I dominate you physically just with my feet, hands, nails, trampling, slapping, ballbusting, tickle torturing.
But I don't need pain to control you: I lecture you, frustrate you, humiliate you verbally, degrade you, play with your fears ...
I use your fetish desires to dominate you... You become an animal, an object.
I feminize you, become a phallic woman and I reverse the roles.
I turn into a mad doctor or an abusive interrogator.
Your reward is to be on your knees worshipping my bare feet, my stilettos, my gloved hands, my boots.
Bound on my gyno table, you undergo a thorough exam, a progressive dilation to fisting, an anal milking,
or enemas, sounds, urology, electrostimulation with my Erostek ...
I control your breath with my gloved hands or my hoods.
and thoroughly immobilizes you in my latex bodybag. May be I'll keep you in bondage all night?

CONTACT INFO : While my english is fluent, I prefer that you send me an introduction e-mail as a first contact: (tell me how you found my site, your first name or nickname, your level of experience and briefly describe what attracts you in terms of domination.) I will give you my phone number when answering your mail.